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Is there life without GPS navigation?

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YES! Easily…

This is a dangerous judgement on a blog that says to have  a passion for GPS, I do understand that!

Let me explain.

More than often I hear people say that they survived life and vacation without GPS till now. And ofcourse they are right. Centuries ago I have been doing the same. Myself behind the wheel and my fellow traveller with a map on his or her knees and driving the same round about for the third time with a big smile on our faces (his depending on this fellow traveler ;-) ).

But traveling with a gps an be fun too.

Travelling with GPS devices

If you have a passenger without humour, go buy a GPS, to be sure to have and keep the atmosphere relaxed. Next to that you can drive the night away (*) on trips without looking back. No need to be afraid that you can’t find your way back. But only use it on your way back!

With a handheld navigation device you could have loads of fun, while searching geocaching all over the globe.

Newer device can log your route easier than before and with that you can geotag your pictures for you and others to know where exactly the pictures have been made.

Conclusion: A life without GPS is possible, but for sure less fun! ;-)

(edit: Did I forgot to tell you that it saves fuel too and so saves the planet?!)

(*) free to Neil Diamond’s On The Robert E. Lee / The Jazzsinger

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Early vacation warnings

Having the vacation season in site it might be wise to give your that same warning as last year. Personal Navigation Devices (PND’s) are becoming common more and more and therefore wanted by thiefs.

  • keep your gps out of sight if you are not using it, even for a short stop
  • keep the cables and windscreen dock/mount away if you are away
  • keep the window without suction cup marks, if you are away even longer
  • never put you own home address as home location. I did put a location one block from mine. If you are close to your home, you will know the way…

Maybe I am paranoia, but I even start on putting away all my cables and stuff before parking my car in some area’s.

I hope you will have a warm (or cold, if you prefer that!) and healthy vacation. Come back safe!

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