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Geotagging for DSLR coming?

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Owning different digital camera’s, including the new Sony Alpha 700, and with a passion for GPS it is always nice to read about new developments on photography and geotagging.

Engadget comes with a story about GeoTate (in coop with Rakon), that presented a device on the PMA 08 that processes the geographic (read: GPS) information right away, instead of afterwards on a computer. It puts the location stamp to the file from for instance a GPS that is connected to the flash shoe of the camera. That flash shoe has to be ready to put that information through.

It will be, different than before, become a multi purpose shoe in that case.

Can’t wait till there will be a working version for my Alpha 700. Depending on the price. ;-)

via Engadget

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Gisteq introduces new PhotoTrackr GPS Photo Locator DPL700

Geotagging is one of the nicest developments in these modern internet powered times. Web2.0 application make it possible for people to communicate from one side to the other side of the world.
With a device of the PhotoTRackr GPS Photo Locator DPL700 is great to publish pictures on the Internet and see on a map the route on which these pictures have been taken. It works with websites like Flickr and Locr.

The DPL700 is not the first device that is pointed at this task. Sony did this before, but not for this nice price. The intention is to first synchronize your camera with an (atomic) satellite clock through the DPL700 Photo Locator and then hit the road and make pictures. Loads of great pictures (says the photographer in me)! ;-D


  • 51 Channels ‘all-in-view’ tracking
  • Cold / warm / hot fix: 36/33/1 sec. (average)
  • Low power consumption: 14 hours continue modus
  • Uses normal AA batteries. (for all other sizes: go here)
  • 4M Bytes flash memory for voor data logging
  • Vibration sensor for Power Management (automatic turning on or standby)
  • Geo-tagged function enables photo sharing in any geo-photo websites with embedded GPS info.
  • Exports in NMEA, GPX, KML, and HTML format
  • Waypoint management built-in
  • Seamless Google Earth integration
  • Multi-language support (Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish)

Suggested retail price € 79,00 (incl. VAT).Based on press release of Benelux importer DigiTrading

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