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Quest for GPS software for Mac – part 1

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Switching from one computer to another isn’t always easy. But finally switching platform from Windows to Mac OS, well, that’s a – well thought through – revolution!

The search for holy grail ;-) software is not over, but there is one flaw in the ocean of Mac software: gps and/or geocaching related software. I don’t say there is no software for Mac, but it is not as widespread as Windows software and some types of software aren’t just there (yet).

Magellan (who?) is forgetting about it totally (but about a lot of other things too!) at all and Garmin is starting to support Mac since a few months with different programs that are still in beta (BUT being worked on! :-D)

The most recent Mac OS X I did find (read: a few days ago) is GeoJournal. A program that makes it a lot easier to get you geocaching waypoints and cache info to your devices.

It can make the (by geocaching.com) delivered waypoints from GPX to Garmin, Magellan, Lowrance or even TomTom Navigator 5.x and can export to CacheMate, that is available for Palm for years and years now, and for Windows Mobile about 1 year I say from memory.

For Mac users that are into geocaching GeoJournal is for sure worth the try.

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MacBook to Go with GPS

It isn’t Apple itself that comes with an unique tablet computer running Mac OS X Leopard. Axiotron brings us the Modbook, a pen-based computer for the price of about $ 2290, not even that bad.
The nice thing is that the specs say the following:

Built-in GPS Module
Perfect for geotagging, navigating and mapping.

and later it says:

Global Positioning System
The Modbook is the only portable Mac solution that features a built-in Global Positioning System (GPS). The Axiotron Modbook GPS Module is based on the industry leading SiRFstar™ III chipset for faster first location fix times and improved tracking capabilities in challenging urban and outdoor environments.

My question would be whether this tablet computer is not a little bit to expensive for “challenging urban and outdoor environments“.
Would you take your ModBook for a walk?

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