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New Google Maps Mobile

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I have been playing around with Google Maps Mobile on my Nokia E61i (with UMTS) for some time now. In fact since it came to the (free) market. The first version(s), like the first iPhone version, could do nothing but you tell it where you were. Nice, but…

The second version could get data from a GPS (1.7), which worked fine. This last version (2.00(3) and 2.00(5)) is getting cell information from the GSM network and tries to give you the location where you are supposed to be.

The problem is that it doesn’t make a crossbearing or fix, but just looks were one gsm pole stands, so MY LOCATION was between 500 to 1500 meters (in)correct, better than the indicated 5000 meters.

Next to that I seems that (this last version! of) Google Maps Mobile doesn’t work right with my always on and always working Qstarz BT-Q810 as you can see in the screen shots. The 1.7 version worked fine.

To my opinion Navizon (before on GPS Passion HERE) does a better job (for now) by collecting data from GPS, WiFi and GSM cells. For how long?

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Nokia becoming a mobile GPS power house?

We already knew that the Finnish Nokia was getting more and more into GPS on the go.

Today Nokia anounced that they have an definitive agreement to aquire NAVTEQ, one of the two biggest geographical data providers (read: mapping firms), just a few weeks after TomTom did aquire TeleAtlas, the other big company.

NavTeq will keep working independent, but as a Nokia Group company and just like TeleAtlas will keep providing old costumers with maps:

By joining forces with NAVTEQ, we will be able to bring context and geographical information to a number of our Internet services with accelerated time to market. We also look forward to maintaining and enhancing the services and support provided to NAVTEQ’s existing and future customers.

via: Gizmodo

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