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Magic GPS for the blind and visually impaired

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Trekker Braille GPS

Trekker Braille GPS

So every now and then I watch an episode of one of the CSI television series, There are a few series now and they are all full of magic things. Methods of research that are so new that nobody ever heard about, and research that takes only 10% of the time that it takes in real life. ;-)

In this (old?) episode of CSI Miami I saw this magic GPS device: a speaking GPS for the blind. And like more often I was sceptical, but decided to do a search for that device. It did exist! I did find that Trekker Braille GPS! I could not believe my eyes. Great!

I think I know something, but not everything. The device was already introduced in 2005 when I read Engadget. I am confused by the brand name, type and maker, because the device has so many names.

Nice specs:

  • Real-time information: Announces streets, intersections, addresses and stores as you come to them.
  • On/offline Map Browsing: Virtually tour an area before visiting it.
  • Route planning and recording: Create your own itinerary.
  • Flexible level of vocal information.
  • Vocal Point of Interest creation: Allows you to create your own point of interest.
  • Access to GPS status information
  • Motorized mode: Use Trekker in a moving vehicle.
  • Route mode: Trekker creates an itinerary based on an entered address.
  • Free mode: Receive and enter information away from street networks
  • Tactile keyboard: For easy data entry and instant function access.

I will do my best to get my hands on one to tell you something more about it.


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Is there life without GPS navigation?

YES! Easily…

This is a dangerous judgement on a blog that says to have  a passion for GPS, I do understand that!

Let me explain.

More than often I hear people say that they survived life and vacation without GPS till now. And ofcourse they are right. Centuries ago I have been doing the same. Myself behind the wheel and my fellow traveller with a map on his or her knees and driving the same round about for the third time with a big smile on our faces (his depending on this fellow traveler ;-) ).

But traveling with a gps an be fun too.

Travelling with GPS devices

If you have a passenger without humour, go buy a GPS, to be sure to have and keep the atmosphere relaxed. Next to that you can drive the night away (*) on trips without looking back. No need to be afraid that you can’t find your way back. But only use it on your way back!

With a handheld navigation device you could have loads of fun, while searching geocaching all over the globe.

Newer device can log your route easier than before and with that you can geotag your pictures for you and others to know where exactly the pictures have been made.

Conclusion: A life without GPS is possible, but for sure less fun! ;-)

(edit: Did I forgot to tell you that it saves fuel too and so saves the planet?!)

(*) free to Neil Diamond’s On The Robert E. Lee / The Jazzsinger

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British Satski brings new navigation device

Satski skiing GPS

Fresh from fish and chips land Satski brings us a new stand alone device for navigation in skiing resorts, the Satski GPS. I haven’t been skiing for a decade (I prefer a burning sun now), but of course this is a nice piece of news. Satski had their software before to be used at smart phones (and connection rates!), but this gps has the maps included. The stand alone device was too expensive, so was in fact for rent only.

The things I like are:

  • build in information on emergency/mountain rescue services
  • real time route plotting from the whole day with average speed and more
  • colour touch screen
  • Satski Ski Viewer software to see your skiing vacation at home (see the Satski demo here)
  • use Google Earth to see your skiing in 3D (see the Satski demo here)
  • the price, at about 259 eur0 average retail price, is quite okay – I don’t say cheap, I think

What I am missing are a few skiing resorts in for instance Austria (Kaprun area) and Italy (St. Christina (Val Gardena) area), but I would think they are working on this.

[via:  Benelux importer DigiTrading]

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GPS Passion is back!

I am sure you missed us! We missed you too! ;-)

Due to several circumstances we have been hibernating a bit longer than expected.

We are still working on the new looks, but we wanted you to know that we are BACK and here to stay!

This is the place where GPS becomes Passion!

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