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British Satski brings new navigation device

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Satski skiing GPS

Fresh from fish and chips land Satski brings us a new stand alone device for navigation in skiing resorts, the Satski GPS. I haven’t been skiing for a decade (I prefer a burning sun now), but of course this is a nice piece of news. Satski had their software before to be used at smart phones (and connection rates!), but this gps has the maps included. The stand alone device was too expensive, so was in fact for rent only.

The things I like are:

  • build in information on emergency/mountain rescue services
  • real time route plotting from the whole day with average speed and more
  • colour touch screen
  • Satski Ski Viewer software to see your skiing vacation at home (see the Satski demo here)
  • use Google Earth to see your skiing in 3D (see the Satski demo here)
  • the price, at about 259 eur0 average retail price, is quite okay – I don’t say cheap, I think

What I am missing are a few skiing resorts in for instance Austria (Kaprun area) and Italy (St. Christina (Val Gardena) area), but I would think they are working on this.

[via:  Benelux importer DigiTrading]

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Fresh Google Earth available now

Google Earth 5

Since its first version I have been playing with Google Earth and have spend hours and hours with lots of interest and fun. With third party layers this is even more fun.

A few days ago Google brought us Google Earth 5, with looks brighter but of course has some new great (beta) features:

  • Historical imagery from around the globe
  • Ocean floor and surface data from marine experts
  • Simplified touring with audio and voice recording

The historical imagery depends on whether there are old(er) (air) photo’s available for the area, but also takes you back to the first Google Earth views. You probably can see a Olympic city being build. I have to try that one out myself. I will do the Olympic Winter Games in Italy. What are you going to try? Tell me and send me coordinates!  Let’s make a great post with all our finds!

The ocean floor feature looks great, but I can’t see mr. Cousteau (and his ship the Calypso) anymore. I have been haunted by him since I was very little. ;-) But there is much more ocean stuff to see!

Google Earth is great to do interesting things with, but also a lot of fun to play with. Get it here: Google Earth , it’s free!

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