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Geotagging for DSLR coming?

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Owning different digital camera’s, including the new Sony Alpha 700, and with a passion for GPS it is always nice to read about new developments on photography and geotagging.

Engadget comes with a story about GeoTate (in coop with Rakon), that presented a device on the PMA 08 that processes the geographic (read: GPS) information right away, instead of afterwards on a computer. It puts the location stamp to the file from for instance a GPS that is connected to the flash shoe of the camera. That flash shoe has to be ready to put that information through.

It will be, different than before, become a multi purpose shoe in that case.

Can’t wait till there will be a working version for my Alpha 700. Depending on the price. ;-)

via Engadget

January 22nd, 2008 | No Comments | Posted in software
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