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Magellan or Garmin?

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I have been a Magellan user since I started using handheld GPS devices. I started with the Magellan Sportrak Map and from there went to the Sportrak Color. Not because that was my direct choice, but because there were cracks in the case of the Sportrak Map caused by bad quality plastic or to strong fixing of the screws. After a short the Dutch importer wanted to sell me a Sportrak Color for a reduced price. Very nice! This Color has made quite some kilometers and I was very happy with it.

I have always been sure that the quality of Magellan was great, but their service not really, for sure in Europe (French style). Still I decided to buy the new eXplorist 600, last summer.

And here my unhappiness started to show. Great to have USB instead of a serial connection with all its COM-problems, but a file system that doesn’t work like I want it. Maps still NO new versions, after years and years now.

Now there is a new series for a few months now, the Triton series. The device looks great, the name is good, has flashlight and bluetooth build in (not all versions!) but I am not going to buy it. You know why?

  • no European version available
  • no European maps available
  • no Mac OSX support (later more on this!)

Is there more? What do you think?!

February 7th, 2008 | No Comments | Posted in software
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