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New iMovie’09 in Apple’s iLife’09

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I know: Mac again… Don’t be afraid. This post will be about navigation!

After editing my first video with the new iLife’09 (sorry: yes, Mac only!) I did find out that Apple did a nice job with the new maps and backgrounds thing in the video editing software iMovie. It has the great feature to have an animated view of a trip on a world map now.

To my sadness I saw that they did only half the job. I tried to make an animation of my trip to the other side of the country to the 4th city of the country, Arnhem, as a test.
To my surprise this city could not be found in the system, other than the weather application in my iPhone 3G, that finds the smallest cities worldwide.

It would be nice if Apple puts (much) more places in the database OR make it possible to give your own coordinates on the globe. It is already possible to give the place of your choice another name, so that would work great.

Can I wait for the update?

February 11th, 2009 | No Comments | Posted in navigation, software
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Rumours about next Mac OS X to calculate location

There are rumours that Snow Leopard, the Mac OS X to come, will have the possibility to calculate the geographic location of a Mac computer. Not, like the iPhone, also by GPS, but there are signs that the CoreLocation framework will be used. Developers can have the Mac to locate itself by a technique that was used in the first gen iPhone: the location of WiFi-networks and GSM cells. No GPS necessary…

With only WiFi the system will not be as accurate as with the assistance of these gsm cells. I am very curious how precise the location will be.

[via: AppleInsider]

February 5th, 2009 | No Comments | Posted in gps passion
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The iPhone 3G hysteria

Only a few days after the serious iPhone 3G hysteria started there are some patterns to see in how Apple and the local gsm providers deal with things concerning the new Apple fanboy toy. Next to that there are some technical issues. In total:

distribution -> soup kitchen style, people in line to get a glimpse or even to get the real thing in their hands. People waiting days (?) or weeks to get an iPhone 3G and making reservations in more than one shop to be sure to have one (if they are lucky).

2 year telecom contract and a locked phone (in most countries) with an expensive contract -> to me the same as hanging on the gallows for no less than 2 years.

3G -> in USA 3G is only available in (big) city areas, in Europe more widely spread, but still not everywhere.

GPS -> works. But depends on Google Maps and asks for (international) (3G) data roaming which is extremely expensive outside your own country! Big need for offline software like TomTom. Apple now says this has a big priority.

App Store -> regional difference, wich looks nice, but big players like eBay only publish their software in the USA (for now).

Loudspeakersystems Gen 1 iPhone -> doesn’t work anymore, like the docking of the Palm Treo 650 and Treo 680.

MobileMe -> the MobileMe ‘push’ from iPhone to Internet has a delay of 15 minutes and is therefore not really push! But it has been sold as the everyman’s Exchange. NO WAY!

VOIP -> T-Mobile Germany doesn’t allow VOIP on the iPhone 3G.

There might be some more issues, but these are the most important, I think. You know more issues? Tell us!

Do I want one? Oh yeah!

But I can wait! (a few days longer ;-) )

July 16th, 2008 | No Comments | Posted in gps passion
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TomTom for iPhone

After in fact stopping support for PDA’s and smartphones it is very likely that TomTom will bring a iPhone version of its navigation software to sell to customers, Reuters tells us. The Dutch navigation device maker is not yet telling when it comes to the market, but it is expected that it will be on the same date that the iPhone 3G will be for sale.

via: iPhoneclub.nl (Dutch only)

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