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Where GPS becomes Passion says it all…

GPS Passion is the blog about GPS in all forms. GPS Passion stands for opinionated articles, nothing less.

DutchClick has been a GPS passionato since he worked for the former Philips CARiN devision in the late nineties, before it was sold to Mannesmann VDO. While testing maps and handling one of the first the car navigation devices he became aware of the strength of GPS systems and fell in love. Big Time!

As a user of different platforms he has seen whats going on out there: PalmOS , Windows Mobile, Symbian, Windows, Linux and last but for sure not least Mac OS X. Next to to that he has been hands-on with Magellan, Garmin, Qstarz, TomTom and other brands.

GPS Passion is a proud and founding member of the Dutch Info Network