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TomTom for iPhone

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After in fact stopping support for PDA’s and smartphones it is very likely that TomTom will bring a iPhone version of its navigation software to sell to customers, Reuters tells us. The Dutch navigation device maker is not yet telling when it comes to the market, but it is expected that it will be on the same date that the iPhone 3G will be for sale.

via: iPhoneclub.nl (Dutch only)

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WWDC: Next Gen iPhone to come

Dutch local time (19.00h) DIN will be online and watching different sources to stay up-to-date about the new Apple iPhone. We hear stories about people still buying the ‘old’ one (if available), not knowing there is a new version coming very very soon.

This is the first time we are really on to it. You know why? Because the rumours say that the iPhone 2.0 will have build in GPS and 3G. That combination got our attention. NOW WE’RE TALKING!

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