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New Google Maps Mobile

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I have been playing around with Google Maps Mobile on my Nokia E61i (with UMTS) for some time now. In fact since it came to the (free) market. The first version(s), like the first iPhone version, could do nothing but you tell it where you were. Nice, but…

The second version could get data from a GPS (1.7), which worked fine. This last version (2.00(3) and 2.00(5)) is getting cell information from the GSM network and tries to give you the location where you are supposed to be.

The problem is that it doesn’t make a crossbearing or fix, but just looks were one gsm pole stands, so MY LOCATION was between 500 to 1500 meters (in)correct, better than the indicated 5000 meters.

Next to that I seems that (this last version! of) Google Maps Mobile doesn’t work right with my always on and always working Qstarz BT-Q810 as you can see in the screen shots. The 1.7 version worked fine.

To my opinion Navizon (before on GPS Passion HERE) does a better job (for now) by collecting data from GPS, WiFi and GSM cells. For how long?

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Galileo funding arranged

I seems that the funding of Galileo, European equivalent of GPS, is arranged now. The negotiation (read: bargaining) went on long into the night.

The involved companies were afraid that they would never recover the costs on the project, so the EU had to put another 2,4 billion euro on the table.
The EU discussion was for a big part where to get the money from. A few countries were against the plan to get the money from the (yes, you read it right!) fewer agricultural funds.
The compromise is that only 1,6 billion will be out of these pockets and the rest out of the budget of innovation and research.

All increases in costs must come out of this latest budget too.

It indeed looks strange that the money is coming from agricultural pockets, but don’t forget that this satellite system is more aimed at civil use than military. ;-)

via Tweaker.net (Dutch only)

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Letter GPS tracks route

I had a smile on my face when I did read the post on the TrackingTheWorld GPS Letter Logger on Engadget. It isn’t the first time something went wrong with my mail, so I could see the use of it. GPS could be a great tool to follow letters or parcels.

But battery life is the biggest issue in this case I think.

The trackable letter will come to the market Q1 2008.

In his post writer Donald Melanson refers back to a post of his collegue Nilay Patel about the spy box of artist Tim Knowles. No GPS, but a traveling camera. Even a bigger smile apeared.

via Engadget

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Business people really want GPS in their phones

More then anything else people want to have a built-in GPS in their smartphones. More than 40% of the (1089) US business users in the survey would like to have that possibility.

According to the study, by JD Power and Associates, other specials are less important, like: Wi-Fi (26%), touch screen (22%) and integrated tv (19%).

via GPS Business News

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