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Qstarz introduces new solar driven BT-Q1200 Travel Recorder

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Just short after publishing the review on its precursor Taiwanese GPS maker Qstarz hits the market with another combined GPS and data logger, the Super 99 Blutooth Solar GPS Travel Recorder, shortname BT-Q1200.
Special about this device is it’s solar power and the new QStarz Travel Recorder GPS Utility with support for geotagging.

New is:

  • Dual Power Supply – Built in rechargeable Li -Ion battery & Solar power
  • Support “One Touch” to turn On/Off LOG mode
  • Stand-Alone travel recorder to log up to 200,000 records (100.000 more that the BT-Q1000)
  • Support GeoTagging function for digit photo and generate KMZ file easily
  • Save the travel records as GPX or PLT

We hope that we can have one for a a test drive soon. This time the with an emphasis on the geotagging I can imagine.

source: press announcement

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Hands-On Review QSTARZ BT-Q1000 GPS and Data Logger

Already a while ago we got the opportunity to review the new Qstarz BT-Q1000 GPS and Data Logger. Benelux importer DigiTrading was kind enough to send me one for that review. Due to circumstances the review was not written until today.

The review was not very technical, but for all very practical. I am a long time and heavy user and wanted to know how easy it was to use or not, and how to get data from the GPS into the computer and work/play with it.

We took the BT-Q1000 for a spin. A local round and an abroad round (on the way to Frankfurt am Main (FFM)/ Germany, about 1200 km back and forth, in August) were the ideal ways to try some things out.


When you see the box, you get the idea to buy something real nice. The black box with white letters and the folding front with a little window that shows the GPS.

When you open the box you can see that the gear is very complete:

  • 110-240V adapter
  • usb cable
  • 12v car adapter
  • mini-cd with drivers and Travel Recorder PC Utility program
  • quick start sheet
  • manual booklet
  • little neoprene pouch to put GPS in

I like it when you don’t have to think of how to get a car adapter. It is in the little things, like this little neoprene pouch, so you can put the GPS in your pocket to have it stay there to do it’s work. My bluetooth GPS mouse is in my pocket always. In fact you could use the pouch to put the GPS to your key chain! ;-)

The 110/220 power- and the 12V car adapter have a great length to be very practical. The usb cable is a bit on the short side, I think.

(manuals and pouch are not on the picture)

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Nokia becoming a mobile GPS power house?

We already knew that the Finnish Nokia was getting more and more into GPS on the go.

Today Nokia anounced that they have an definitive agreement to aquire NAVTEQ, one of the two biggest geographical data providers (read: mapping firms), just a few weeks after TomTom did aquire TeleAtlas, the other big company.

NavTeq will keep working independent, but as a Nokia Group company and just like TeleAtlas will keep providing old costumers with maps:

By joining forces with NAVTEQ, we will be able to bring context and geographical information to a number of our Internet services with accelerated time to market. We also look forward to maintaining and enhancing the services and support provided to NAVTEQ’s existing and future customers.

via: Gizmodo

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