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What about the maps for Magellan Triton GPS models

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Magellan is coming up with a nice bundle of new GPS devices, the Triton series, that will range from $129 to $499. The devices will be available in September in the USA and later in Europe.
Next to the fact that is is very nice to have new handheld GPS devices on the market, there is at least one question in my head now: “what about the maps?!

I do not hear anything about it, except that the National Geographic maps will be supported:

Full-Color Topographic Maps Compatible for the First Time with Handheld GPS – the New Triton™ Outdoor GPS from Magellan.
quote from Magellan press release

This is nice, but I do hear nothing about European and/or World coverage. There is a ‘new’(er) (DVD) version of Magellan’s own Direct Route software, version 3.0, for the USA. Europe has to stick with a old 2CD 2.0 version of a few years old.

The only thing people want is a nice device AND decent and recent maps, even in Europe and around the globe! But that’s only what I think…

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Cartoon – Mexico

Fokke & Sukke is a great and very populair cartoon in The Netherlands.

The text says: “Fokke & Sukke don’t trust their TomTom anymore“. “You put in: Mexico“. “And before you know it, you are in the Dolomites“.

from the FokSuk website

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Iphone with or without GPS?

There is a lot of guessing going on about the iPhone that is coming out sometime or not.

If there will be a real version 2, do you think GPS will be a part of it?

I am curious about your thoughts! What do YOU think?
Take the poll HERE or at the right side bar.

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Navigation kit for Nokia N800 Internet tablet

Nokia news again… But not a phone this time.

Nokia has made an navigation kit for the Nokia N800 Internet tablet, the tablet my buddy would like to swap for his US imported Sony Mylo.

But whats the news for GPS Passion?

The Nokia N800, that hits the shelf for a € 379-399 (say: 522 – 550 USD) can get the possibility to navigate for another € 199 (say: 275 USD). That’s the news…

A bit steep I would say…

Two reactions:

Henry Kingman at LinuxDevices shares my view that the navigation kits price is a bit high, but has, next to some negative points, a positive opinion overall.

ThoughtFix at TabletBlog even cheers the navigation kit, but is this because he is an tablet lover? ;-) He is very happy with the Finnish Navicore navigation software, that performs very well. Video’s available.

I would like to use the N800 tablet, but as tablet only, at home or on the way. For navigation I would take a dedicated PND.


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