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Poor mans GPS: a paper map

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Dutch newcomer CosmicNavigation is not only coming up with new personal navigation devices, according to YourNav, but also with paper maps.

Cosmic Navigation president Jochem Kentgens explains that a gps and a paper map belong together:

People want to know where they are, and feel independent. A navigational system is limited to providing the quickest route from A to B. A paper map provides orientation as well as a feeling of independence to the people. So from now on, there are also paper maps available under the RoadNavigator brand. “GPS and paper maps don’t exclude each other,” says Kentgens. “They belong together!

To me this sounds like a poor mans gps, but I might be wrong…

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June 30th, 2007 | No Comments | Posted in navigation

Food for thought: going out without GPS?

Jeffrey Cufaude is posing an interesting question. In fact he isn’t posing a question, that’s what I am making of it. Jeffrey’s idea (as he calls himself an architect of ideas) is that we are more aware of our surrounding areas when we don’t take a gps with us. He is blaming the GPS, but I think there are two sides.

You find your way through a place by getting lost in it.

There two ways to discover a foreign city: just walking around and getting ‘lostand walking/driving to specific places you want to see.
I truely love the first way, getting lost with a camera in my hand, exploring little markets out in the middle of nowhere, just like Jeffrey does, so I here do agree.
Sometimes you don’t have to much time or just want to a certain building on that day because it is closed tomorrow. This is when a gps could be handy.

But to my opinion the gps gives me even more freedom to ‘get lost’. I love to stroll through cities, and the gps in my pocket or backpack makes that I don’t have to think about whether I will find my way back. I will find my way back

source: Jeffrey Cufaude’s Blog


June 29th, 2007 | No Comments | Posted in gps passion

iPhone day: with or without GPS?

Of course I know that the iPhone that has been released this morning in the US (only) has NO GPS. I repeat: NO GPS.

Question is whether you can live without it or not? Why is everybody shouting about it?

I could live without it.

I know that I have a high quality bluetooth gps device in my pocket that could connect to the iPhone. But I know there are people who don’t have this. And for this price there could have been one build in, I would say.

Still standing in queue?

What do you think about the Iphone without GPS? Share it with us!

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June 29th, 2007 | No Comments | Posted in gps passion

Vacation warning! Keep your gps out of sight.

What Michelle Cheplic tells us is important. We know it all, but it is no shame to be reminded to. Prior to our vacation we should think about how to protect our goods. Lots of gps devices in all types are stolen from cars.

In mosts cases the thiefs take advantage of the situation and they only need a few minutes. It is a matter of time.


  • keep your gps out of sight if you are not using it, even for a short stop
  • keep the cables and windscreen dock/mount away if you are away
  • keep the window without suction cup marks, if you are away even longer

And if you are hardcore you could use GadgetTrak to track your device after having it stolen. ;-)

Have a Great Vacation and come back safe!

source: Michelle Cheplic at the Travel Blog on Families.com

June 27th, 2007 | 2 Comments | Posted in gps passion